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Official website:

ERP system:

Technical support: - is a publicly available free online ERP system.

Who is it for?

The system is a handy industry tool for professionals that work in the field of cabling and communications:

  • Engineers, installers
  • Optical welders
  • Contractors
  • Other communications professionals who work in ISPs, large enterprises, and municipal companies is part of the USERSIDE ecosystem and related articles from this wiki approach to describing the functionality of


  • Cloud solution
  • Quick registration by mail
  • Accessibility from anywhere in the world
  • Simple and understandable interface
  • Operation in a browser (including from mobile devices)
  • Online support via ticketing system
  • Constantly updating and improving
  • We take care of the maintenance of the project
  • 15 years of experience

Maintaining Switching Schemes

  • Fiber switching of cable lines with each other and documentation of schematics
  • Interactive control
  • ODF and Splitters
  • Export diagrams to SVG (MS Visio supports SVG)

Cable accounting

Object Limits

You can start using for free. By default, a package of 20-30 objects of different types is provided.

Details and link to tariffs:

Registration and Password Change

Enter your e-mail (it will be your login) and password for registration. The email you will receive within a few minutes, to confirm your registration (if the letter does not come for a long time - check spam). Click on the link in the letter. This will take you to ERP login page, where you can log in with your username and password.

If you forget your password, you can use password change page. Enter your email address and a new password. You will receive an email to confirm the password change. Click on the link in the email.

When you register in the system some objects are automatically created. Buildings, couplings and nodes, cable lines between them, switching, test links and pages. This helps you understand the product features faster. You can delete all these objects and add your own.

Technical Support

After logging in to the UUID for technical support will be displayed on the main page. Technical support is provided on the portal Use UUID to login. Submit tickets with questions, remarks, improvements and errors.

Where to start?

Some pages describe the full functionality of the large USERSIDE ERP system, while has limited features.

  • "Address System" - enter/modify data about the city, necessary streets and houses
  • Communication facilities - enter data about couplings, wells, poles, and communication nodes with their locations
  • "Cable lines" - add optical lines (taking into account the previously entered communication nodes and couplings)
  • "ODFs" - add ODFs]]
  • "Splitters" - add dividers/sealers]]
  • Perform Object Switching lines, ODFs, and dividers with each other

To configure, use:

Additional information:

  • "Owners" - Owners of objects (Couplings and communication nodes, houses, cable lines)
  • "Cable ducts" - cable ducts and routes