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1. This license agreement (hereinafter the "Agreement") is a license agreement entered into between you, a natural person or an entity (hereinafter the "Licensee"), and the author of the computer program "USERSIDE" (hereinafter the "Program"), Anton Dyuringer, a citizen of Ukraine (here in after the "Licensor"), regarding the Program. The Licensor informs that he owns the property rights to the Program.

2. By installing, copying, downloading, accessing or otherwise using the Program, you accept the terms of this Agreement.

3. The Program is licensed, not sold.

4. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, you may not use the Program.


1. Computer program - is a set of instructions in the form of words, numbers, codes, patterns, symbols, or in some other form expressed in a form that a computer can read, which actuate it to achieve a particular goal or result, expressed in source or object code.

2. The Work - a computer program owned by Licensor, the rights to which are transferred to Licensee under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

3. Publication of the Work - performed with the Licensor's consent in any way, which makes a work available to the public for the first time through publication, public performance, public display, public demonstration, public announcement, including by means of the INTERNET, etc.

4. Publication of the Work - release to circulation with the Licensor's consent, electronically or otherwise produced copies of the Work in an amount capable of satisfying, given the nature of the Work, the reasonable needs of the public by selling it, lending, renting out or making available through electronic information systems so that any person may obtain it from any source and at any time of his/her choice or transferring the ownership to the Work. The publication of the Work shall also be deemed to be the deposit of the Work in a depository (depository) with open access and the possibility of obtaining a copy (copy) of the Work therein.

5. Distribution of the Work - any act by which the Work is directly or indirectly offered to the public, including the communication of these objects to the public, so that its representatives may access the Work from any source and at any time of their choice.

6. Composite Work - the selection and placement of the Work with other works or other data, without limiting their number, which is the result of creative work (ordering).


1. The Program is protected by the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights", the Criminal, Civil, Administrative Law of Ukraine and international copyright treaties, as well as other laws and treaties governing copyright relations.


1. The Licensor grants you the following rights, subject to your compliance with all the terms and conditions of this agreement:

• Use. The Program (including multiple copies) may be used on one computer (hereinafter referred to as the "Computer"), unless otherwise stipulated by the workflow.

• This Program is sold both for private home use and for commercial use (commercial use should be understood to mean the right to use the Program as a tool to make a profit).


1. Separation of the Program. The Program is licensed as a single product. It is forbidden to separate its constituent parts for separate use on several computers, unless this is required by the technological process.

2. Temporary use. The Program may not be made available for temporary use.

3. Trademarks. This licence agreement does not grant you any rights in respect of any trademarks or names owned by the Licensor.

4. Technical support. Licensor may provide technical support services for the Program (hereinafter referred to as "Technical Support"). The rules for contacting and working of the Technical Support service are described in the electronic documentation of the Licensor. Any additional programs and source codes transferred to you in the course of providing technical support services must be regarded as part of the software and are thus subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The technical data communicated to the Technical support during the application process may be used by the Licensor for internal purposes, including technical support and software development. The Licensor will not use this data in a form which discloses the Licensee personally.

5. Transfer of Program. The Licensee is entitled to transfer all its rights under this license agreement and the Program itself directly to another person for use once. Such transfer must include the entire Program (including all component parts, media and printed materials, any upgrades, this agreement and the certificate of authenticity, if any). Such transfer may not be made indirectly or through any third party. The person receiving the program as a result of such a one-time transfer must agree to all the terms and conditions of this Licence Agreement, including the obligation not to transfer the program and its licence to anyone else.

6. Termination of the agreement. Without prejudice to any other rights, the Licensor may terminate this Agreement if the Licensee fails to observe its terms and conditions. In this case the Licensee is obliged to destroy all available copies of the Program and its parts.


1. Updates may be issued from time to time by the Licensor for the Program. To use the update, you must have a valid licence to use the Program designated by Licensor as a product to be updated. The Program designated as an update replaces or completes the Program, which is the basis of your right to the update. You may use the Program received as an update only in accordance with the terms and limitations of this Agreement.


1. After installing one copy of the Program licensed by this Agreement, you are permitted to keep the original media on which the software was provided to you by Licensor, solely for backup or archival purposes. If the source media are required for use of the Program on your computer, you may make one copy of the Program solely for backup or archival purposes. No copies of the Program and accompanying documentation may be made otherwise than as expressly provided for in this Agreement.


1. All proprietary rights and copyrights in the Program (including, but not limited to, any graphic images included in it, photographs, animations, videos, sound recordings, music, text and additional programs), the contents of the accompanying printed material and any copies of the Program are the property of the Licensor.

2. All property rights and copyrights in and to the content made available by the Program are owned by the copyright owner of that content and are protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties.


1. The Licensor shall not be liable for possible damage caused by the failure of the Program, system failures, hardware failures including.

2. The Licensor reserves the right to prosecute a breach of this licence by the Licensee, in accordance with applicable law.

3. The Licensor does not guarantee that the Program is without errors, but it continuously detects and corrects them.